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Here you can discuss various topics concerning being in an extramarital relationship:

Share your experiences
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Cry when it's over
Understand yourself and your loved one better
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Understand common patterns in extramarital relationships
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Community Guidelines

To maintain the supportive, loving and caring atmosphere of True Support the following Community Guidelines apply to all members posting on our forum:

* True Support is a support group for all participants in an extramarital relationship, be it the other man/woman, the married man/woman, or the married other man/woman. If you are or have been in an extramarital relationship, you are eligible to apply for membership. True Support is a private forum and all new accounts are subject to review. Please be patient. Do not start multiple accounts. This will result in automatic banning. All accounts are subject to review at any time. It is a privilege to be a member of the forum, not a right.

* It is not allowed to share your email address on the boards. This is for the safety and security of our members.

* We strive to be a sounding board, a support system, for our members. We share our experiences and our opinions - but in the end it is up to each individual to decide what is best for them, whatever that may be. Continuing or ending either the marriage or the EMR is their decision to make. Thus, we do not try to push them in one direction or the other with regard to any decisions they are making. We will support each other regardless of decisions made.

* True Support does not espouse any specific or doctrinal view on extramarital relationships or the people involved in them. We do not hand out labels or terminology with which to diagnose each other or our loved ones, nor do we tell others how to handle their lives. While we may discuss what is right for us, we do not presume it is right for others.

* True Support does not acknowledge any authorities concerning EMRs or relationships in general, be it individual members, professionals, authors or society. No member's input is less or more important, significant or valid than another's and thus should not be held as such.

* Discrimination on the grounds of race, sexuality or religion will not be tolerated.

* We do not indulge in bashing of the betrayed spouse, nor of the married person/other person, nor of men/women in general. At times we may have a need to vent, but, if so, we do this without the use of degrading language or nicknames and in the area designated for it, the threads OP Rant and Rave and Scream with me and MP Rant and Rave and Scream with me.

* If a poster wishes to recommend and/or discuss literature and other media, the place for this is the sub-forum Media Resources. Quoting material from other sites or publications must be done in accordance with the US Copyright Act which describes fair use of copyrighted work. The source of a quote must be clearly stated and if the source is to be found on the internet a link must be provided. No quotes may exceed a maximum of 250 words. Posters may not link to or quote material from a commercial site, ie a site which stands to benefit either directly or indirectly from traffic directed to them from True Support.

* We offer emotional support only. Financial and other material support is prohibited.

* No talk of suicide is allowed in the forum. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local emergency number or a counselor nearby.

* The moderators make judgment calls and these are based on the tone and/or the content of a post. If you are unclear about why a particular post has been edited or deleted, you are free to address the moderation decision in a thread to the Mod Team in the section Private Inquiries, but not openly on the forum.

* Registering for more than one user account is not allowed without explicit permission from the Mod Team. Please contact the Mod Team if you for any reason need to change user account or user name.

Statement of Purpose

We strive to be a sounding board and a support system while you figure out what YOU want. We'll share our opinions and experiences - but in the end, the decision rests solely with you.

       True Support