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Building a relationship with your EMR Partner
We’ve all been there and it’s what brought us all here together. We all met someone special and they turned out to be married or committed and they have said that they aren’t leaving their marriage or committed relationship.

Hearing that for the first time can be hurtful and confusing. Isn’t that what all the movies and books have shown us, that if a person loves another, they will change their life to be with that special person?

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible or simple. Their decision to stay married is not because they are choosing between two people. There are many real life struggles and commitments that mean that they can’t leave their marriage. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to, some do.

If your married person feels this way, or you are the married person reading this, there is hope for a happy and lasting relationship with your special person.

It’s possible to be the primary romantic love in an EMR. When you are the primary love in each others’ lives, there is the potential for a long and beautiful relationship to form and grow as it remains as an EMR.

Some of the happiest EMRs I have seen are the ones where the spouse has the familial love and the EMR partner has the romantic love and emotional intimacy. This can happen when the EMR partners clearly define their relationship and agree on the type of relationship they both want together. The EMR will get nurtured more than the marriage at times by the married partner which shows a commitment to the EMR and their partner.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be difficult times together or hurt feelings but you will work through it together with honesty and communication because your EMR deserves the love and attention. You deserve to be happy and that happiness may be found in your EMR partner.

Welcome to our safe place where you will not be judged, we’re thankful you found us.

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