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New Member - Catching Feelings
I am a current OW in a relationship with a committed but unmarried man. We've been together over a year and it truly started as NSA fun. I was seeking a sexual relationship without the complications that accompany dating and commitment. I never expected we would still be seeing each other at this point.

Of course, I have found myself falling in love with him. I have tried to hide it and hoped it would pass. I knew that admitting my feelings would forever change the relationship, so I resisted for months. In a moment of weakness, I recently confessed my feelings. 

His response was neither good or bad. He told me that he's sorry and that he doesn't like to see me upset. We are continuing the relationship. But there is no discussion of how to move forward besides my promise to try to suppress my feelings. 

I know I want to keep him in my life in hopes that he will choose me. I know this isn't realistic,but I can't seem to let him go yet. I feel like he may also be having the same thoughts, but he would never admit them. 

Maybe I'm right, maybe it's just wishful thinking. But I'm here in hopes of finding some support, advice and understanding. I have no one to talk to about this and my heart is hurting.
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